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Organisation Profile

Eclipse Esports

( Founded: 2016)


Eclipse Esports is a South African MGO currently competing in #csgo, #leagueoflegends & #pubg

Organisation Structure

Martin 'Vleis#7' Visagie
Declan 'Switch_ZA' Taggart
Aidan 'Inspector' Smith
Ali 'muzmuncher' Khazem
David 'CriP' Nel
Etienne 'Jazzz_z' Moolman
Gustav 'Gus' Otto
Marcell 'kwagga66' Van wyk
schalk 'Schalkie' badenhorst
Shaun 'LoRu33' Aspeling
wickus 'Waterkoppie' mostert
Player 1: eCe Inspector
Player 2: eCe muzmuncher
Player 3: eCe CriP
Player 4: eCe Gus
Player 5: eCe Switch_ZA
Reserve Player 1: eCe Schalkie
Player 1: eCe Vleis#7
Player 2: eCe Jazzz_z
Player 3: eCe LoRu33
Player 4: eCe Waterkoppie
Reserve Player 1: eCe kwagga66