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Organisation Profile

Energy Esports

( Founded: 2012)


Energy Esports is a professional multi-gaming organization (MGO) that competes at the highest level of competitive gaming in South Africa while maintaining courteous and acceptable behavior. With the help of SteelSeries, MSI, LG Electronics, MWEB and ALABS, the players within Energy Esports strive to conduct themselves in a professional manner, showing respect to any and all other gamers while keeping a cool head in the heat of competition.

Organisation Structure

Kasim 'CAWA' Ahmad
Dalre 'Die_Dellas' Vermaak
Stefano 'Nianfo' Batazzi
Abraham 'KoObla' du Plessis
Adam 'adM' Mansoor
Aidan 'Turtz' Nell
Andrew 'Zassie' Vermaak
Brett 'Grifflet' Kruger
Cayden 'Heroz' Beadsworth
Dale 'Pand3m0nia' Pon
Dominic 'Domsterr' Sampaio
Gareth 'MisteM' Ries
Jamie 'Shaaki11' Seegers
Jean-Luc 'LikeALuke' Linssen
Jethro 'Tayl0r' Taylor
Jordan 'twenty' Bouah
josh 'bLazE' saunders
Karla 'scorpz_' Grewar
kyle 'KyleFrosty' nortje
Michael 'Arturia' Brazier
Mikail 'Miki' Latib
Nathalie 'NatzZii' Duvenhage
Nico 'Dweezil' Devonport
Renthea 'Rench' Boshoff
Rieghardt 'Fleksz' Romatzki
Roberto 'blackpoisoN' Dall'Occo
Ruan 'Senticall' Potgieter
Ryan 'Waffle' Van manen
Sharon 'ShazZ.kL' Waison
Shaun 'TheM4N' Deyzel
Simone 'Psymone' Eskelsen
Taylor 'eN. Elispion' Rose
Tomas 'Tomzy' Quijano
Trevor 'kani' Morley
Tyron 'zhomz' Craig
Tyron 'eN_Prokill' Bataille
Player 1: eN LikeALuke
Player 2: eN twenty
Player 3: eN Senticall
Player 1: eN KyleFrosty
Player 2: eN Miki
Player 3: eN Heroz
Player 4: eN Shaaki11
Player 5: eN Waffle
Reserve Player 1: eN Die_Dellas
Team Coach: eN Die_Dellas
Player 1: eN. blackpoisoN
Player 2: eN. Domsterr
Player 3: eN. MisteM
Player 4: eN. Fleksz
Player 5: eN. kani
Player 1: eN.AT Dweezil
Player 2: eN.AT Turtz
Player 3: eN.AT TheM4N
Player 4: eN.AT bLazE
Player 5: eN.AT adM
Reserve Player 1: eN.AT Tayl0r
Player 1: eN scorpz_
Player 2: eN NatzZii
Player 3: eN Rench
Player 4: eN Psymone
Player 5: eN ShazZ.kL
Player 1: eN. Pand3m0nia
Player 1: eN Arturia
Player 2: eN KoObla
Player 3: eN Grifflet
Player 4: eN LikeALuke
Player 5: eN twenty
Player 6: eN Senticall
Player 1: eN eN_Prokill
Player 2: eN Nianfo
Player 3: eN Zassie
Player 4: eN zhomz
Reserve Player 1: eN eN. Elispion
Reserve Player 2: eN Tomzy