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Organisation Profile

First In Battle

( Founded: 1007)


Based in COD First In Battle Aims to expand to other games like CSGO and Dota.

Organisation Structure

Joshua 'God's Not Dead' Kobrin
Dillon 'uNreaL' Jost
James 'RockstaR' Lawrence
Logan 'Logi' Smith
Neil 'kinkzz' Parsons
Nicholas 'donkeh' Bronkhorst
Phillip 'FaZheR' Potgieter
Player 1: FIB.Rival God's Not Dead
Player 2: FIB.Rival RockstaR
Player 3: FIB.Rival kinkzz
Player 4: FIB.Rival donkeh
Player 5: FIB.Rival Logi
Team Coach: FIB.Rival uNreaL