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Organisation Profile

Goliath Gaming

( Founded: 2017)


Goliath Gaming is a professional esports team hailing from South Africa. Featuring a CS, DotA, FIFA and OW squad.

Organisation Structure

Michele 'Stickalish' Brondani
Alastair 'LagBeast' Bearman
ASHTON 'Golz' Muller
Brody 'ghostR' Vernon
Chad 'acg' Simpson
Charl 'Muzzy-' Steyn
David 'pacman' Harrison
Dean 'massacRe' Davids
Edwin 'Drager_SC2' Williams
Frans 'Mental' Roos
Hannes 'Sevren' Wagenaar
Lavi 'Lavius' Sacks
Marchant 'zLorDzA' Fourie
Nicholas 'Mito9' Hardman
Richard Leigh 'deviaNt' Groves
Rikus 'zipzipza' Klue
Rynhardt 'RDK' de Kock
Tertius 'Trax' De Bruin
Tyler 'adaro' Oliver
Willie 'Consp1racy' van Graan
Player 1: GG massacRe
Player 2: GG deviaNt
Player 3: GG zipzipza
Player 4: GG adaro
Player 5: GG Consp1racy
Reserve Player 1: GG Stickalish
Reserve Player 2: GG Golz
Player 1: GG Mental
Player 2: GG Muzzy-
Player 3: GG RDK
Player 4: GG acg
Player 5: GG Trax
Reserve Player 1: GG Stickalish
Player 1: GG LagBeast
Player 2: GG ghostR
Player 3: GG pacman
Player 4: GG Sevren
Player 5: GG Lavius
Player 6: GG zLorDzA
Reserve Player 1: GG Mito9
Player 1: GG Drager_SC2