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Organisation Profile

Good Gaming

( Founded: 2017)


Good Gaming is a multi titled eSports organisation based in South Africa. Birthed in 2017 after the annual Rage event, the founder believed there was a gap in eSports that needed to be filled in order to keep eSports in South Africa truly competitive. The focus of Good Gaming is to develop a brand that is well respected in South Africa for its competitiveness and sportsmanship. Good Gaming aims to bring pro’s and players at grassroot level together under one roof to teach and learn.

Organisation Structure

Linus 'LiNuXRSA' Ungerer
Callan 'Hamish' Schroder
Chrisjan 'supReme' Rebel
Coen 'Darwin' Mouton
Jonathan 'owmo' Cox
Nico 'NiX' Zotti
Raynardt 'aces0092' Prinsloo
Ryno 'PACKMAN' Conradie
Shaun 'P4ntiez' Dorfling
Tyler 'cheaterboi' Coetser
Player 1: GG.CS owmo
Player 2: GG.CS NiX
Player 3: GG.CS aces0092
Player 4: GG.CS P4ntiez
Player 5: GG.CS cheaterboi
Team Coach: GG.CS LiNuXRSA
Player 1: GG. Academy supReme
Player 2: GG. Academy Hamish
Player 3: GG. Academy Triickzz
Player 4: GG. Academy hayeszz
Player 5: GG. Academy PACKMAN
Reserve Player 1: GG. Academy Darwin
Reserve Player 2: GG. Academy LiNuXRSA