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Organisation Profile

Innovation E-Sports

( Founded: 2015)


Innovation E-Sports was founded 01/11/2015 for the lazy people 1st of November 2015! We chose our name because we want to bring something new to the scene something innovative and unique. Our members are what make us special, everyone is dedicated and passionate about E-Sports and that is what make us who we are!

Organisation Structure

Bernard 'Silent' Van Kampen
Timothy 'MadoX' Klose
Benjamin 'benji' Schermeier
Christo 'SuN666' Loubser
Danie 'Shadowtrix' Groenewald
Duncan 'Cancel' Knoesen
eldon 'shockzzyy' schafer
Heindre 'Heindre " TKD3VL" Smit' Smit
Johan 'Boet' Geyser
John-Ray 'KosmA' Schoultz
Johnathan 'Kapiteeni' Brest
Kyle 'Pein' Francis
Kyle 'K1LL3rK0aLa' Bremer
Marco 'Marxox' Rabe
Ryno 'bLue2KGS' Koegelenberg
Sampie 'Incognito' Geyser
Tiaan 'An4vr1n' Viljoen
wynandt 'wynii21' van zyl
Player 1: iVe-KP⋆ An4vr1n
Player 2: iVe-KP⋆ shockzzyy
Player 3: iVe-KP⋆ bLue2KGS
Player 4: iVe-KP⋆ KosmA
Player 5: iVe-KP⋆ Boet
Reserve Player 1: iVe-KP⋆ Incognito
Reserve Player 2: iVe-KP⋆ benji
Team Coach: iVe-KP⋆ Heindre " TKD3VL" Smit
Player 1: iVe Cancel
Player 2: iVe SuN666
Player 3: iVe Shadowtrix
Player 4: iVe Pein
Player 5: iVe Marxox
Reserve Player 1: iVe Kapiteeni
Team Coach: iVe Kapiteeni
Player 1: iVe K1LL3rK0aLa