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Organisation Profile

Ladon e-Sports

( Founded: 2018)


Ladon e-Sports started as a dream by two individuals with all the required experience, creativity, passion and determination to build an organisation and become the most professional gaming MGO for players to perform at their best. Ladon e-Sports, founded by Christiaan "Grassie" du Plooy and Johan "MixCo" du Toit with the goal to become a renowned MGO in the global scene and to provide back to the community. MixCo has extensive experience in the competitive MGO scene and has run his own MGO for 6 years with multiple accomplishments including competing on the international stage. Grassie has been a gamer ever since he had his first PC and competed in the VS Gaming league for several years as a Pro player and has the insights on how to manage and improve a professional e-Sports team. We are passionate about e-sports and we want to help improve the South-African gaming scene in becoming internationally renowned as a great gaming nation.

Organisation Structure

Christiaan 'Grassie' du Plooy
Adeeb 'RuthLess' Lakay
AJ 'Naas_Dotha' Mey
andre 'Onbekende' stander
Bernard 'KingKlip' van der Walt
Chene 'Donimay' Wilbers
Daniel 'Physics' Mc Shane
David 'PaRaGoN' Harding
Devon 'CODEHOOKED' Boucher
Francois 'FWASH' Du Toit
Hein 'Patat' Geldenhuys
Jacques 'Kenpachi' Aucamp
Jacques 'BlindChicken' Combrink
James 'scheeR' Hulett
Jason 'Mxnch!e' King
Jeffrey 'NLT' Kennedy
Johann 'Seraphim' Muller
Josh 'JarVis' Jarvis
JP 'dZ' Coetzer
Juan 'Beats' VDW
Justin 'Putrid' Hull
Lyle 'Ripcord' George
Matthew 'Worthy' Rebelo
Pierre 'ShadowSkippy' Bredahl
Robin 'SunPheonyx' Campbell
Ruan 'annieBrand' Brand
Rudolph 'Mount Kill a Man Gyro' Boshoff
Ryno 'Vitalz' Bothma
Stefan 'awp' Zeelie
Steyn 'VNDKTR ' Grobler
Tristan 'Chaoz' Labuschagne
Player 1: Ladon Worthy
Player 2: Ladon RuthLess
Player 3: Ladon Beats
Player 4: Ladon Chaoz
Player 5: Ladon Vitalz
Player 1: Ladon JarVis
Player 2: Ladon dZ
Player 3: Ladon awp
Player 4: Ladon annieBrand
Player 5: Ladon Putrid
Player 1: Ladon Kenpachi
Player 2: Ladon Onbekende
Player 3: Ladon CODEHOOKED
Player 4: Ladon scheeR
Player 5: Ladon Mxnch!e
Player 1: Ladon FWASH
Player 2: Ladon Patat
Player 3: Ladon BlindChicken
Player 4: Ladon Mount Kill a Man Gyro
Player 5: Ladon KingKlip
Reserve Player 1: Ladon Naas_Dotha
Player 1: Ladon SunPheonyx
Player 2: Ladon Physics
Player 3: Ladon PaRaGoN
Player 4: Ladon Seraphim
Player 5: Ladon VNDKTR
Player 6: Ladon Ripcord
Reserve Player 1: Ladon Donimay
Reserve Player 2: Ladon NLT
Reserve Player 3: Ladon ShadowSkippy