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Organisation Profile

NiBBLE esports

( Founded: 2016)


NiBBLE esports was created on the 6th June 2016 with the intention of becoming one of the most prestigious and influential gaming communities in South Africa. Our community has been structured to encourage commitment, professionalism, and sportsmanship. With our unique culture of support, community, social interaction and our passionate drive towards a nurturing esporting environment, we provide the platform to which new and experienced teams can grow and compete within a family that represents their interests. Our dedicated administration team strives toward the achievement of our goals and the creation of a unique space for South African esporting enthusiasts. Our goal is to contribute and collaborate in growing South African esports toward its potential. NiBBLE esports intend to extend our keyboards towards the growth of this sport across the extended South African community and entice unique individuals into the world of gaming. This venture, with the aid of our sponsors and the hard work of our members, will see the transformation of our community into a respected esports community both locally and internationally. Our maturity, sportsmanship, and tactility radiate our intention in producing a community that will bolster the overall representation of esports in South Africa. Join us and lay the foundation that will see NiBBLE esports setting the frontier for South African gaming.

Organisation Structure

Keegan 'Brava' Stewart
Adrian 'Yolfig' Whitehead
Alex 'LexZA' Heyne
Allen 'Azlan' Smith
Anton 'Ethic42' Steyl
Bryan 'Kick-ass Cupcake' Saayman
Cameron 'Camtjies' Muir
Cameron 'Synergy' Tonkin
Chantel 'Princess' Jansen van Vuuren
Charles 'Triton' Schreyer
Chris 'Faux' Gibbs
Chris 'Slyncypoo' Alers
Dagan 'BalterPro' Bester
Daniel 'Sagax' King
David 'MEMES' Whitaker
David 'RogueZz' Smith
Demi 'Minion69' Bloem
Demi-Gene 'Athena' Boshoff
Devon 'QuoZA' Schoemaker
Dominic 'Tranquilfern224' Van Schie
Greg 'villan' De Kort
Ivan '1van2i' Barnard
Jake 'Dagger' Trupp
James 'nolzE' Posthumus
Jeandre 'Hartonza' Welgemoed
Kenneth 'Golgren' Gamble
Kieran 'Omen' Bester
Kyle 'PuppetMaster' Bolinski
Malcolm 'LTSalty' Coetzee
Matthew 'MCSlammer' Crumplin
Matthew 'Bop' Fouche
Mea 'RageQueen' Grobbelaar
Michael 'Mikey.' King
Nadia 'Gutterlily' Oosthuizen
Nicholas 'MrWormBear' Muir
Nicole '♥N1X3N♥' Vermaak
Nicole-Anne 'Deco' Garzouzie
Rialet 'Flower ♥' Van Jaarsveld
Robert 'Skulduggery' Whitehead
Ryan 'Porter009' Porter
Sascha-Cole 'Rumpels' Zinn
Sebastian 'CSB' Burger
Simon 'The_Admiral' Murray
Storm 'MERU' Schumann
Taariq 'Disciple' Hoosen
Timon 'PhoeniXXX' Louw
Wynand 'ViViD' Meiring
Yoachim 'YoFactor' Nair
Player 1: LeGENDS » nolzE
Player 2: LeGENDS » Faux
Player 3: LeGENDS » MrWormBear
Player 1: Phoenix » ♥N1X3N♥
Player 2: Phoenix » Flower ♥
Player 3: Phoenix » Deco
Player 4: Phoenix » Athena
Player 5: Phoenix » PhoeniXXX
Reserve Player 1: Phoenix » Princess
Reserve Player 2: Phoenix » Minion69
Team Coach: Phoenix » RogueZz
Player 1: H.G.N » Bop
Player 2: H.G.N » Triton
Player 3: H.G.N » Kick-ass Cupcake
Player 4: H.G.N » MERU
Player 5: H.G.N » Camtjies
Player 1: Conspire » Dagger
Player 2: Conspire » RogueZz
Player 3: Conspire » 1van2i
Player 4: Conspire » Disciple
Player 5: Conspire » villan
Player 1: EGO Porter009
Player 2: EGO Synergy
Player 3: EGO Azlan
Player 4: EGO PuppetMaster
Player 5: EGO CSB
Player 1: ViVID » LexZA
Player 2: ViVID » QuoZA
Player 3: ViVID » The_Admiral
Player 4: ViVID » MCSlammer
Player 5: ViVID » MEMES
Player 6: ViVID » LTSalty
Reserve Player 1: ViVID » Skulduggery
Reserve Player 2: ViVID » Gutterlily
Reserve Player 3: ViVID » Yolfig