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Organisation Profile

Omnius Gaming

( Founded: 2017)


Omnius Gaming established on the 7th of April 2017, is a new MGO slowly making its mark on the competitive scene in South Africa. We aim to change the standard by improving on user engagement and quality of information delivered to our fans and players. As well as investing in our teams and helping out our players where we can.

Organisation Structure

Jacques 'Demonix' van der Horst
Devin 'TerranLord' Morris
Ethan 'OrangumanZA' Burdett
Herman 'Sol' le Roux
Juantélique 'TinyRedKitty' Krüger
Kevin 'Nexus' Roberts
Leon 'spoty' Palapies
Shane 'Bny' Rowntree
Stefan 'PhoenixTears' Morris
Wiljahne 'MangO' Smith
Player 1: OG • Bny
Player 2: OG • Nexus
Player 3: OG • Sol
Player 4: OG • spoty
Player 5: OG • MangO
Reserve Player 1: OG • B0n3®