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Organisation Profile


( Founded: 2018)


Changing the game one player at a time. We are gamers, we are tech nerds, we are comic book fanatics and board game freaks. We are all things tech, we are all things fantasy, we are all things cyber. Our founders have always been on a mission to gather and surround themselves with like-minded people. We have always wanted something more than just a clan, we could have stopped at competitive Esports but that's not Rage Quit. We are a community, a family, an army, we are Rage Quit. RQ.Psycho Squad's Current Roster: Lucy "Little_Pandaa" Monk [Captain] Petro "DDevil" Papageorgiou Jason "TheOG" Michael Andre "MrSheepe" Potgieter Hennie "NexLighT" Pienaar Esmari "EsProxy" Swart Axel "Axe" Carolin Pyrrhic Gaming: A new CS:GO competitive team that was founded by young 17 year old David Wayne (GhostMonster) and teamed up with Rage Quit. Together Pyrrhic Gaming and Rage Quit are going to take SA by storm by showing them a kind community, and at the same time show them no mercy when it comes to playing CS:GO. Current Roster: Captain/Manager: GhostMonster Co-Manager: yono Player: LordofWar Player: Fisher Player: Ghost Reserve: Barrels

Organisation Structure

Lucy 'Little_Pandaa' Monk
Anastasios 'Mooma' Theodoropoulos
Andre 'MrSheepe' Potgieter
axel 'axe' carolin
Bradley 'Lordofwar' Pretorius
David 'GhostMonster' Wayne
Esmari 'EsProxy' Swart
Hennie 'nexlight' Pienaar
James 'Barrels' Austin
Jason 'TheOG' Michael
Jono 'yono' Simons
Justin 'GHOST' Davis
Keagan 'FisherFTW' Dickinson
Michael 'MicaGima' Georgiades
Petro 'DDEVIL6' Papageorgiou
Spyros 'Fibo' Piperidis
Player 1: RQ.PG | GhostMonster
Player 2: RQ.PG | Lordofwar
Player 3: RQ.PG | yono
Player 4: RQ.PG | GHOST
Player 5: RQ.PG | FisherFTW
Reserve Player 1: RQ.PG | Barrels
Player 1: RQ.Psycho Little_Pandaa
Player 2: RQ.Psycho MrSheepe
Player 3: RQ.Psycho EsProxy
Player 4: RQ.Psycho nexlight
Player 5: RQ.Psycho TheOG
Player 6: RQ.Psycho DDEVIL6
Reserve Player 1: RQ.Psycho axe
Team Coach: RQ.Psycho axe