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Organisation Profile

RE ACCE Esports

( Founded: 2018)


RE ACCE is a MGO created by RE Accounting and Services to support and promote E-Sports in South-Africa. RE Accounting and Services is a proud supporter of E-Sports in South- Africa. Our aim is to promote E-Sports in our country and to discover the local hidden talent. We created our E-Sports Clan RE ACCE to help promote E-Sports and to recruit new undiscovered talent and help them develop their skills and confidence. For a long time, E-Sports was not a big thing in South-Africa, and things are changing rapidly with more players and teams making it in the big leagues. Gaming as you used to know it has changed. Because of the competitive level modern gaming has reached, it changed into a sport requiring precision and skill. RE Accounting and Services has an E-Sports Clan called RE ACCE, which consists of four CSGO(Counter-Strike Global Offensive) teams. Our one team is made up of our own personal corpse within the company while the other teams are made up of recruits playing for us while getting the necessary skills to hopefully reach the professional level.

Organisation Structure

Eddie 'Edmeister360' Mc Kenzie
Adriaan 'iNsaNity' Jansen
Aleric 'GTV | Zollas' Rudman
Alicia 'Dark4ngel' Van blerk
Ashleigh 'Bloo' Powell
Brandon 'RST7_ZA#SCB' Nel
Curstin 'Escapi' Visagie
Dylan 'Aku' Davids
Istvan 'Crovax' Swart
Jan 'Fires' Jansen van Vuuren
Jan 'Cryp_The_Human' Dreyer
Johann 'Yourmother01' Papenhagen
Jon-Marc 'GTV | El Capitan' Pike
Kyle 'Bishop' Ferreira
Marco 'TechnoDoggy' Mc Kenzie
Matthew 'Chilled' Claase
Michaela 'KaylabearQ' Mc Kenzie
Nita 'Phoenix' Boshoff
Pieter 'Donsfeer' Coetzer
Renier 'Sabrefox91o' van Rooyen
Renier 'Zeradius' Geyser
Roelien 'Pixar' Van Dyk
Ruan '💪✘Red✘' de wit
Ruven 'MAROPA' Hattingh
Sandrie 'Vixen' Botha
Sasha 'Emo' Morrison
Steven 'WallaB' Shorter
Walter 'FuzZi' Snyman
Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox 2 Edmeister360
Player 2: RE ACCE_Fox 2 TechnoDoggy
Player 3: RE ACCE_Fox 2 Escapi
Reserve Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox 2 Zeradius
Player 1: RE ACCE_Cleo Aku
Player 2: RE ACCE_Cleo Bloo
Player 3: RE ACCE_Cleo Vixen
Reserve Player 1: RE ACCE_Cleo Pixar
Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox 1 WallaB
Player 2: RE ACCE_Fox 1 Cryp_The_Human
Player 3: RE ACCE_Fox 1 Yourmother01
Reserve Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox 1 Donsfeer
Player 1: REACCE_eXo Bishop
Player 2: REACCE_eXo FuzZi
Player 3: REACCE_eXo Fires
Player 4: REACCE_eXo Chilled
Player 5: REACCE_eXo Zeradius
Reserve Player 1: REACCE_eXo Sabrefox91o
Reserve Player 2: REACCE_eXo RST7_ZA#SCB
Player 2: REACCE_GTV Aku
Player 3: REACCE_GTV Crovax
Player 4: REACCE_GTV GTV | El Capitan
Player 5: REACCE_GTV 💪✘Red✘
Reserve Player 1: REACCE_GTV GTV | Zollas
Player 1: RE ACCE_Cleo KaylabearQ
Player 2: RE ACCE_Cleo Phoenix
Player 3: RE ACCE_Cleo Emo
Player 4: RE ACCE_Cleo Vixen
Player 5: RE ACCE_Cleo Bloo
Reserve Player 1: RE ACCE_Cleo Dark4ngel
Reserve Player 2: RE ACCE_Cleo Pixar
Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox Edmeister360
Player 2: RE ACCE_Fox TechnoDoggy
Player 3: RE ACCE_Fox Escapi
Player 4: RE ACCE_Fox iNsaNity
Player 5: RE ACCE_Fox WallaB
Reserve Player 1: RE ACCE_Fox Donsfeer