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Organisation Profile

Sinister 5

( Founded: 2013)


Sinister5 is an owner-managed Multi-Gaming Organization (MGO), which seeks to unite the world of gaming and sports. In 2013 Sinister5 was founded as a amateur Dota 2 team, but in 2016 the focus shifted to managing and growing the best esports teams in the country. Competing at the highest levels is important to us, and in just two short years we have become a household name in all the titles, which we participate in. In addition, our organization has swiftly gained popularity, due to our fresh ideas and an unprecedented positive approach when engaging with the community. Sinister5 now has thousands of fans, who we regularly interact with online and at events. Our players compete at the highest levels in the South African esports scene across multiple competitive titles.

Organisation Structure

Duncan 'MrBeckerling' Beckerling
Adam Sean Charles Scott 'Adastam' Moore
Anton 'Ant' van Dyk
Calvin 'GameReaper' Kiefer
Carl 'Carl' Beckerling
Christiaan 'ChrisEd' Young
Dean 'HackeM' Seyfried
dennis '_DotA-and-Die_' connellan
Dylan 'dyvo' Vorster
James 'zerOchaNce' Wijnberg
Jaun 'Zeo' Nieuwoudt
liam 'vintage' buttress
Marc 'cRitzEEE' Pollard
Nicholas 'schlinks' Dammert
Peter 'RiPP3R_ZA' Pollard
Tristan 'Aghanim' Kiefer
Player 1: Sin5 zerOchaNce
Player 2: Sin5 Ant
Player 3: Sin5 HackeM
Player 4: Sin5 dyvo
Player 5: Sin5 Zeo
Player 1: Sin5 Adastam
Player 2: Sin5 GameReaper
Player 3: Sin5 _DotA-and-Die_
Player 4: Sin5 schlinks
Player 5: Sin5 Aghanim
Player 1: Sin5 Carl
Player 1: Sin5 cRitzEEE
Player 2: Sin5 RiPP3R_ZA
Player 3: Sin5 ChrisEd
Player 4: Sin5 vintage
Reserve Player 1: Sin5 MrBeckerling