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Organisation Profile


( Founded: 2018)


Started to create a place for friends and community members to come and create teams for there favorite games and have a ts server to do it on .

Organisation Structure

Cameron 'Stalker' hansen
Benjamin 'baNdieT' Foreman
Christopher 'Crisis' Kirkbride
Courtney 'Stinky' gower
Dylan 'LUCIF3R' Kukla
J├╝rgen 'Solid Strife' Hof
Jean-Pierre 'Kinetic' Roux
Zach 'Zaltex' Bosman
Player 1: TBZ Stalker
Player 2: TBZ Stinky
Player 3: TBZ baNdieT
Player 4: TBZ Zaltex
Player 5: TBZ Solid Strife
Reserve Player 1: TBZ Kinetic
Reserve Player 2: TBZ Crisis
Team Coach: TBZ LUCIF3R