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Organisation Profile


( Founded: 2013)


We are a South African Esports MGO - We have competitive representation in COD, HALO, FIFA, CSGO & PUBG - Proudly partnered with RAZER , Apex Interactive SA & HashTag PWND - #BleedYellow #TeamRazer

Organisation Structure

Clint 'CS1977' Smith
Bernhardt 'SoDa' van Heerden
Christopher 'The_Dexo' Ysendyk
Christopher 'MrTippmann' Kilgour
Damien 'Damz' Oosthuizen
Ian 'BobbyO' Oosthuizen
Joshua 'BLU3' Weiss
Keegan 'Keegz' Fourie
Lee 'Javaa' Johnson
Leslie 'UnKnowNzz' Greenwood
Liam 'Lichl0rd' Webster
Matthew 'Hashimoto' Maselle
Max 'Koala__M8' Mil
Renier 'WhoElse' Coetsee
Reuben 'Scara' Lipawsky
Sean 'Acearino' Teuchert
Tristan 'Vinco_Skeamz' Harris
Werner 'Healzz' Healz
Player 1: VnCo Javaa
Player 2: VnCo MrTippmann
Player 3: VnCo Scara
Player 4: VnCo Vinco_Skeamz
Player 5: VnCo Koala__M8
Reserve Player 1: VnCo Keegz
Reserve Player 2: VnCo CS1977
Player 1: VnCo Hashimoto
Player 2: VnCo Damz
Player 3: VnCo BobbyO
Player 4: VnCo Lichl0rd
Player 5: VnCo WhoElse
Player 1: VNCO The_Dexo
Player 2: VNCO SoDa
Player 3: VNCO BLU3
Player 4: VNCO Acearino
Reserve Player 1: VNCO UnKnowNzz