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Organisation Profile

White Rabbit Gaming

( Founded: 2010)


White Rabbit Gaming is a registered, competitive e-Sports organisation from South Africa. The company values and mission are grounded in growing e-Sports in South Africa as well as promoting players locally and internationally. The brand has grown at a tremendous pace, delivering some of the best talent in Southern Africa and claiming multiple first place positions across various tournaments. The brand currently have professional teams for CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty (console), League of Legends and PUBG with a massive community of casual gamers, as we believe building a community with similar beliefs and interests is the key to success.

Organisation Structure

Alwyn 'WRGSwiTch' Venter
Adem 'ClankoZA' Catovic
Aidan 'Zero' Urquhart
Byron 'Ninjask' Meyer
Clintin 'Aimless' Riddell
Gavin-Ray 'Gavinho' Nelson
Jamie 'SlayerJay' Jooste
Jason 'WRG_Djinn' Van Rooyen
Johnathan 'Doru' Fox
Keaton 'Cerberus' Smith
Keegan 'Sharpie' Sharp
Kyle 'Hypz' Cerff
Max 'rAid_' Lithgow
Michael 'WRG_FatSkinnyy' Belmonte
Renato 'Nato' da Silva
Romelio 'glitch' Berezowski
Sagel 'Gully' Matthew
Sean 'Godfather' Mumford
Stefan 'K1LL3R' Botha
Timothy 'WRG_HULKMAN' Hattingh
Player 1: WRG Sharpie
Player 2: WRG Cerberus
Player 3: WRG ClankoZA
Player 4: WRG SlayerJay
Player 5: WRG Hypz
Reserve Player 1: WRG Nato
Team Coach: WRG Zero
Player 1: WRG. Gavinho
Player 2: WRG. Ninjask
Player 3: WRG. Doru
Player 4: WRG. rAid_
Player 5: WRG. Gully
Reserve Player 1: WRG. glitch
Player 1: WRG Godfather
Player 2: WRG Aimless
Player 3: WRG WRG_FatSkinnyy
Player 4: WRG WRG_Djinn
Reserve Player 1: WRG K1LL3R